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A value-added tax (VAT) is a type of consumption tax that is placed on a product whenever value is added at a stage of production and at the point of retail sale. The amount of VAT that the user pays is on the cost of the product, less any of the costs of materials used in the product that have already been taxed.

More than 160 countries around the world use value-added taxation; it is most common in the European Union. But it is not without controversy. Advocates say it raises government revenues without punishing success or wealth, as income taxes do; it is also simpler and more standardized than a traditional sales tax, and there are fewer compliance issues. Critics charge that a VAT is essentially a regressive tax that places an increased economic strain on lower-income taxpayers, and also adds bureaucratic burdens for businesses.

AVA International team can take care and assist you in all aspects of VAT implementation and VAT Return filing. We will do the same in a professional way so that there will be a full comfort for you concentrate on business activities.

Transfer Pricing

Executive Taxation Services

Goods and Services Tax - GST

Central Excise and Customs

Service Tax Consultings

Corporate Income Tax

Foreign corporate PAN, TAN, Income Tax Returns

Internal auditing is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. It can help an organization accomplish its strategic objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. AVA member firms’ Internal Audit services help boards and senior executives better manage enterprise risks. AVA professionals help organizations enhance the effectiveness, quality, and value received from internal audit.

Internal audit outsourcing

Internal audit co-sourcing

Internal audit expertise/SME sourcing

Internal audit effectiveness reviews

Internal audit loan staffing

Internal audit transformation

Design and Set-up Business Process and Internal Control Systems.

Accounting system set up ,review, improvement and implementation .

Accounting & bookkeeping outsourcing of US,UK,Canada,Australia,Germany clients.

Accounting advisory services.

Accountings security systems review and management of foreign corporate

Information Systems review / audit.

Information Security review / assessment.

Systems and Process manuals preparation.

Changing the way you administer your payroll.

Forget all about annoying paperwork. AVA International payroll services are designed to increase administrative efficiency and reduce your data maintenance costs. Instead of offering multiple autonomous services, we offer one scalable single-database solution designed to adapt as your business needs evolve.

We offer results with extreme accuracy for all your payroll requirements:

Whether your organization has 2 employees or 20,000.

Whether your payroll is complex or easy?

If you have multiple locations?

Our Payroll Activities would include:

Maintain payroll information of all employees.

Adhere to the confidentiality aspect in terms of any details related to the employees.

Preparing and delivery of pay slips of each employee.

Liaison with the company/group HR Department.

Preparing transfer letters to Banks.

Our Forecasting service is tailored to your specific requirements but may include:

Full financial forecasts – based on your plans for business growth, assumptions for future trading and market conditions

Constructive advice and guidance on improving existing forecasts

Helping with the research and financial assumptions involved in generating a robust forecast

Regular reviews of the forecast – helping to keep the company on-track and recommending alterations to the forecast as necessary

A carefully prepared budget may be your company's most important management tool. It is your company's financial plan.

With the help of a skilled CPA, a budget can support long range or strategic planning; lead to development of reliable projections and forecasts; predict periods of cash surplus or shortfall; and guide management in the most appropriate utilization of manpower, material and other resources.

We assist client companies to develop capital budgets for expenditures that may require special financing and operating budgets for planning and controlling routine operations. In addition, we prepare cash budgets that guide cash receipts and disbursements.

Because of our depth of experience and our alertness to tax and other financial implications, we are particularly suited to assist with the budget preparation and with monitoring, with you, the budget throughout the year.

As a part of budget monitoring, we will help you anticipate and prepare for cash shortfalls, recognize expenses that are out of line and the reason, properly utilize profits, and advise on the financial implications of other developments during the year.

We provide support and advisory services to local and international organizations in both the private and the public sector. We combine the strengths of local relationships and global reach to deliver solutions to your business needs. We implement local solutions by drawing on a wealth of global knowledge and experience available through AVA International

Our three dimensional approach can be characterized as:

Practical applicability – we strive to implement practical ideas and solutions which will lead to visible results;

Active approach – we seek to transfer our knowledge and skills, so that the organization can successfully maintain the obtained changes in place, on its own strength;

Involvement and cooperation – we build on what is already present with regards to instruments, knowledge and skills.

Our service can be subdivided in 4 product lines, which support and partly overlap each other, namely:


Human Resource Management

Process Management

Information Technology

Inventory Management is the management of the flow of goods and services. It includes the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

Management of material and information flow in a supply chain to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost.

Inventory Management requires the commitment of supply chain partners to work closely to coordinate order generation, order taking, and order fulfillment. They thereby create an extended enterprise spreading far beyond the producer’s location.